Consultancy Services


Acura Business Solutions Ltd offer a consultancy service to businesses to ensure they receive the correct advice regarding their IT/computer system.

The service is designed to offer impartial information regarding your current or future network, security, computer setup regardless of whether you are a current customer of ours or not.

Generally the service is based on an onsite visit. Call or email us today and ask for our 'information on consultancy'.

Independent Advice

Most businesses will have an existing IT company working with them to advise, supply and support them although it's not always easy to notice if your current IT provider is making the correct choices for your business needs.

Our independent consultancy service isn't geared to us replacing your current IT company and pushing them away, instead we want you to be aware of whether current IT practices are following your business needs, meeting standards and cost expectations.

This approach is often taken if you are uncertain or unhappy with the service you currently receive.

Assisted Support

Where we are working along side you as your current IT provider we offer a free consultancy service, advising of best practices regarding many aspects of your IT system.

We can also offer consultation, supply of equipment, installation, configuration and ongoing support of your IT system if you don't currently utilise our services.

Call or email us today and ask for our 'information on consultancy'.